Isa & Mark {Real Weddings}

This summer has been a busy one so please excuse my tardiness in blogging. I promise to be back at it on a regular bringing you some of Bespoke’s most inspirational weddings.

Now for your eye candy, I am featuring Isa & Mark on their wedding day which took place this past Sept at the Bellvue Manor in Vaughan, Ontario. Aubergine, Granite Grey and a lot of bling set the tone for the ballroom. Rich in textures, fabrics and family flown in from all over the world, it was one of the most romantic settings to walk into.  Not to mention a happy hour which I absolutely fell in love with.  This idea included everyone crowding onto the dance floor with their ball gowns, top hats, neon glowsticks and shades on.  Each table had an individual bling table runner with centerpieces that soared to the ceiling…..

Photography was taken by none other than Greg at Signature Studios located in Toronto.  He is so easy to work with and has a true vision for detail, Thanks Greg!


Happy Planning!


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